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Our Mission

To reignite the passion of prayer in the local church and individual believers. We will lead citywide strategic prayer gatherings; provide practical and relevant resources for churches and individuals; offer the Threshold Intensive Course for those who want to avoid the mistakes we have made in the last two decades in prayer ministry; provide consulting and coaching services; provide inspirational speaking and teaching conferences.

How We Help

One of the churches that took the Threshold Intensive six years ago was having trouble growing. They attended Threshold and became determined to build their church on prayer. In the last six years they have grown into a

megachurch in the inner city and started a second campus. That church determined that Threshold was so valuable that they sent eleven people the next year to get all of their leaders on the same page.  This is not uncommon.  We have had churches from across the country begin using the Threshold principles. 

Why Threshold?

Why did we pick the name Threshold?  We believe that if the church or an individual can learn these principles of prayer, they can be  on the threshold of a whole new ministry and walk with Christ.  It is our life's mission to see this become  a reality!

About Anchor

Paul Covert

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