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Threshold Community Zoom Call

Something New is Starting. 

Every Monday we do a Prayer and Threshold Community Conference Call (TCCC).


It features: 

A two-minute thought from me or someone else designed to inspire you in prayer.

Opportunities for you to share: how it is going and successes; to ask questions of the community; to get input from other prayer leaders; and a chance to pray for each other and for prayer in our nation. 


What is the goal?


To be an encouragement and community for prayer leaders. 


When do we meet?


Monday evenings from 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm AZ time  


How do I join in?

On your mobile device, simply use the button below and use access code 569462


Enter Zoom ID 894 3032 0862 then enter access code of 569462 followed by the # key- then announce yourself.

Can I invite others that are not Threshold Participants yet?

You bet you can!


One note about the call


When you are not praying please put your phone on mute, so we don’t have a lot of background noise.  


Thank you,


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