Why Can't The American Church Praise?

Updated: May 23, 2018

Why Can’t the American Church Praise?

I had an interesting experience recently. We do service intercession during each of our services at Easter. Since the church is large we have 26 services on our 5 campuses during that Easter week. At the Saturday night 6 p.m. service I had a group of people who volunteered to pray who had never been in the prayer room before. One man was in his 70’s, he was a mature believer. The lady to my right was 65 and had been a Christian for years. A younger mom next to her gave me a dirty look as we started, and she realized she might have to pray out loud. The gentleman next to her was a believer for the last four or five years.

I began my spiel with words like this… “We are going to begin our time together tonight by praising God. To make this simple we are going to use the phrase. I declare that You are ____________. All you have to do is just come up with one word that magnifies the character of God. So God is holy, powerful or able. “

With that explanation we began. Each of the volunteers came up with a couple of thought and then they had run out of qualities to praise God for. I filled in some to try to stimulate the praise time but it was obvious that this group had not spent much time considering how to praise God.

At first I felt like a failure. Here I am a prayer leader of a mega church and our mature people have not figured out how to praise God. Then I went a step deeper and started to wonder if our church is missing it when it comes to leading our people to praise God.

Maybe this is an area that your church can lead the way in improving. I know when I go to Africa or South Korea they have it figured out.

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