Prayer Tips From Threshold Prayer

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Tips to make your time with god more joyful.

Tips for Prayer

1) The hardest part of prayer is thinking through what you want to pray about. Spend some time before gathering your thoughts and determining what you want to pray about before you begin to pray.

2) Keep a current prayer list so that record answered prayers and add things that you decide you want to include in your prayers.

3) Divide your prayer list up so that it does not become so large. On Monday I pray for personal items and partners in my ministry. On Tuesday for personal needs and our pastors and global workers. On Wednesday I pray for personal requests and other churches that I have spoken for or have come to love. So by dividing my list I mix up my prayer topics daily and reduce the size of my prayer list.

4) Pick a comfortable place for prayer where you won’t be disturbed. I don’t pray too well in my office because as I am praying I see things that remind me of things I need to do. So the selection of a place to pray is very important.

5) If you can find a place to pray with a view that can be very helpful. I love to pray looking out over the mountains.

6) Keep a pad of paper by you at your place of prayer. As you are praying you will think of things you need to address. These thought can sabotage a time of prayer. Simply write those things down on your pad of paper and go back to prayer. You can pick those up again after your prayer time is over.

7) Spend some time each day confessing sins. Unconfessed sin blocks our prayers. Confessing your sins will keep the communications lines open.

8) Begin your prayer time with praise. This is lifting up the qualities of God that are so incredible. Here are a few to get you started:

Praise you God that you are able.

Praise you God for your word that is always true.

Praise you God for your wisdom. It is so cool that we never bring anything to you that is too difficult for you to grasp or that you are uninformed on.

9) It is healthy I think to pray for others first and then pray for yourself. We are too concerned about ourselves most of the time.

10) When you don’t want to pray is when you need to pray the most.

11) If I don’t pray today I can tell. If I don’t pray tomorrow my wife can tell. If I don’t pray for two days anyone can tell.

12) Pray and think on scripture as you are going to sleep. This allows the Holy Spirit to work with you all through the night. It is like giving the Holy Spirit the night key to your heart.

13) Pick a cause to pray over. Instead of just praying over your own needs and family pick a cause that would advance the kingdom and add it to your prayer list. My wife prays for an end to the human injustice in North Korea. I like to pray for the American church to reengage in prayer.

14) Create a prayer journal. I originally stated with paper and a pen now I use my computer.

15) Review your prayer journal at least every thirty days so you can see the things God is doing in answer to your prayers and this orchestration in your life.

16) Bless you kids and grandkids no one else will. I like to have them all sit on my lap before they go home and I please each one. It is a wonderful experience.

17) Pray out loud when you are praying by yourself it help you stay focused.

18) Write out your prayers. This helps you stay focused and clarifies what you are asking God for.

19) Use 3 by 5 cards. Make a card for each family member and friend you want to pray for. Write down on the card exactly what you want to pray for.

20) Give God the best part of you day for prayer. If you are a morning person give him some of your morning time. If you are a night person save some of that time for Him. Make sure He is not getting left overs instead of your best time.

21) Remember prayer is not about changing God mind it is about giving up our hearts to His will and plan. Surrender is critical to effective prayer.

22) We have found that when you have a difficult person to forgive it works best to have a witness listen to your prayers of forgiveness. Prayer is a spiritual transaction or contract. We have a witness to the important papers we sign or contracts we enter into. So too we have found it helpful to have a witness to the spiritual transactions we make in prayer

23) Learn to pray a spiritual warfare prayer when you need to. There is one in my book from Dr. Mark Bubeck that is exceptional. There is also one in John Eldredge’s book Waking the Dead. People all over the world are learning the value of spiritual warfare praying.

24) Look for chances to share prayer testimonies. Many people have tried prayer for a loved one or something else and it did not work out the way they wanted it to. So they have given up on prayer. So a prayer testimony can be a great tool in helping people get back on track.

25) It has been proven that we work out more if we have a partner to spur us on. The same is true in prayer. Look for a prayer partner to encourage you to pray.

26) Join an accountability group that holds you accountable to pray regularly.

27) Thank God for His discipline. We don’t often thank him for this and it proves He loves us.

28) Thank God for the difficulties you face. Satan can stand to be anywhere where God is being praised. So thanking him for difficulties can send Satan running.

29) Many people use prayer triggers to remind them to pray about something. Praying for your church at every stop light. Use common things to remind you to pray.

30) God has a special place in his heart for the down and out. Pray for those in need as if it was you in need. It honors God.

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