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Speaking Engagements

Paul has 40 years of experience in ministry. He has been involved in:  church planting, preaching, teaching, writing, vision casting, staff training, staff development and much more. For a  large portion of his career, he has specialized in prayer leadership.


Paul has been a full-time prayer pastor for the past eighteen years in two of the largest churches in Phoenix. During these years he recruited and developed leadership for several prayer ministries including: (1) a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week prayer intercession team  (2) a digital web prayer system to pray for the needs of the body (3) a service intercession ministry during all services and a (4) prayer army to pray for special needs in the body of over 1,000 people. 


From 2003 to 2014 Paul was the Prayer Pastor at Central Christian Church in Mesa, AZ., where he oversaw twelve areas of prayer ministry on five campuses. The prayer ministry at Central was  included in a book by Daniel Henderson and Dr. Elmer Towns called, 10 Great Praying Churches in the US.


In October of 2013, Paul wrote Threshold: Transformational Prayer; Transformational Prayer Leadership.  The book has been well received and is designed to provide inspiration and motivation for people who want to pray or improve their prayer life. In addition, it will mobilize individuals, churches, Christian organizations, and ministries in building prayer ministries and prayer strategies for their lives and organizations with practical and reproducible techniques.


Paul travels and leads prayer conferences, prayer events, and schools of prayer across the U.S. and Internationally. He consults in the area of prayer leadership and prayer strategy in churches nationwide. He is also working on an online class for college students on prayer with the cooperation of Hope University in Fullerton California. Hope, like many schools, did not have a class dedicated to prayer and wanted to include Paul’s work as an option for their ministerial students.

Paul has published his second book, 52 Creative Ways to Pray which is now available (follow this link to learn more). He brings a very practical and logical approach to prayer ministry that you will find helpful and useful. He earned his undergraduate degree from Ozark Christian College and a master’s degree from Pepperdine University. He and Annie have been married thirty-eight years and have three grown and married sons and seven grandchildren. 

In his spare time, he collects antique tools and drives around in a 1954 GMC pickup truck his wife named “Pearl.”


Speaking Services


In Bible College, we were told to pray but we were so busy working, writing papers, and studying that there was little time for serious prayer.  Paul decided in his first ministry to do an experiment to see just how valuable prayer was.  So, for the first thirty days, he did not pray about anything.  Then for the next thirty days, he prayed about everything.  He wanted to see the difference between prayer backed ministry and personality-driven ministry.  His conclusion was that prayer backed ministry is ten times more effective.  He never looked back.  Paul began recording his prayers years ago and has thousands of answered prayers that no one knows anything about except for him and God.  It is out of the depth of his praying that he motivates audiences to embrace prayer and find incredible fulfillment.  If you want to challenge your church to pray, consider inviting Paul for the task!


Many churches do not have an effective prayer ministry because they have never seen one in action. Paul specializes in helping churches paint the vision for a prayer ministry that works and provides the inspiration to help those ministries to function effectively.  


Paul consults with churches on their prayer ministry regularly.  His eighteen years of experience in leading prayer ministries in mega-churches has given him a wealth of experience and insight.  

Prayer Nights

Churches sometimes feel overwhelmed with the task of effectively planning a night of prayer. Paul can help your leaders plan and organize a powerful night of prayer. 


Contact Paul for more info on this ministry.

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