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Creative Ways to Pray

Do you desire to have a more dynamic prayer life? Or do you lead a small group, or larger church prayer gatherings and want to make them more engaging? Then 52 Creative Ways to Pray is for you! Filled with simple, yet stimulating ways to engage in prayer, 52 Creative Ways to Pray can freshen up your personal prayer life, or the prayer lives of those to whom you minister.

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“What is the biggest component missing from the church these days? Vision? Passion? Commitment? Nope! What’s missing most is prayer! Prayer is something most of us believe in far beyond our practice. For the past ten years Paul Covert has led our church to become passionate about praying. Not talking about praying, but praying. On this subject Paul is both an expert and a champion. If you want your prayer life to light up and to ignite your church in prayer, this book is a must-read. Far more than mere theory, this book will give you the practical steps that will lead to genuine transformation.”

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