Threshold Intensives 2021

Are you ready for the next step in prayer? 

Threshold Intensives 2022

Are you ready for the next step in prayer? 

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 Intensive training on prayer

Threshold intensives are INTENSE.  Focused training on prayer; prayer ministry; and prayer leadership.  Pastors and prayer leaders will be attending from across the valley and even the country.  If you are ready to make giant steps forward in your prayer and prayer leadership then consider attending one of the Threshold Intensive Conferences

What people say..




I don’t think it is a surprise that the American Church is struggling with prayer.  Many are uncomfortable with prayer either personally or corporately. Prayer meetings are small typically and truthfully, often miss the mark. I have grieved this reality for years and have actually made prayer in the American Church my life prayer.  This website is devoted to helping you as an individual and local churches grow in prayer.  It is my life’s work!