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 “God shapes the world by prayer. The more prayer there is in the world the better the world will be, the mightier the forces of against evil …”
    - E.M. Bounds

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  Threshold Community Conference Call (TCCC).

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Paul Covert


I don’t think it is a surprise that the American Church is struggling with prayer. Many are uncomfortable with prayer either personally or corporately. Prayer meetings are typically small, and truthfully, often miss the mark. I have grieved this reality for years and have actually made prayer in the American Church my life prayer. This website is devoted to helping individuals and local churches grow in prayer. It is my life’s work!

Where it all began

Paul Covert

Threshold Prayer started accidentally. For the last two decades, Paul has worked in megachurches building prayer structures and testing practical, reproducible systems for the local church and praying organizations. Eventually, a book was born to mobilize prayer leaders and inspire prayer ministries with the vision of what prayer could look like in your setting. Threshold: Transformational Prayer; Transformational Prayer Leadership was well received and spawned a Threshold Intensive Conference to help people begin to use the principles I learned the hard way. I believed when I started and still believe that we are on the Threshold of the best days for the church  if I learn to lean on God and pray hard!

How can we help you?



Threshold Prayer is committed to providing you with the best possible resources on prayer available.   Click here to view the resources.

Prayer University

One of our concerns is that pastors and prayer leaders can go through four years of seminary training and not have a single class on prayer.  It is no wonder they are not teaching or modeling prayer in their churches.  To respond to this need, we are creating a curriculum we call Prayer University.  It is a college level online course that you can take to sharpen your skills in prayer.

We hope to have this in operation for the summer of 2020. 

Speaking Events

Paul speaks all over the country and internationally.  He would be happy to see if he can fit your event or conference in his schedule.  Fill out the speaker's request and submit it for his board to review. 

Threshold Intensive


"Threshold Intensive Basic Course" is a two-day conference. 

It is designed to be the introduction to the prayer teachings in the advanced course. The basic course should be taken first.

We do them in the same week for those who are coming from out-of-town so they do not have to make multiple trips.  




"Threshold Intensive Advanced Course" is a four-day interactive immersion in prayer ministry for church teams, prayer leaders, college students, and/or anyone looking to expand their prayer life. The hands-on sessions provide foundational information about prayer, as well as practical suggestions for growth and development in prayer and prayer ministries of all types. Built into this experience is time to learn and to put into practice what has been taught. Intentional leaders who want to grow prayer in their church or ministry will find this time invaluable and insightful.



“I want to express the depth and profundity of how your conference has impacted my life of prayer. I am  already using things I learned and it is amazing how well it is being received at church.”

“Paul, I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff for such a job well done. It was tiring, but it was truly the most rewarding conference I have ever attended.”

“The Lord has moved in miraculous ways since I have returned from Threshold.  I am so excited to be implementing the information that was taught and experienced. My plan is to bring several people with me next year.”

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