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 "Prayer does not change the purpose of God.  But prayer does change the action of God."
    - Chuck Smith

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Backstories is Thresholds very own monthly Newsletter

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Backstories is Thresholds very own monthly Newsletter

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Meet Paul Covert

Founder of Threshold

"I don’t think it is a surprise that the American Church is struggling with prayer. Many are uncomfortable with prayer either personally or corporately. Prayer meetings are typically small, and truthfully, often miss the mark. I have grieved this reality for years and have actually made prayer in the American Church my life prayer. This website is devoted to helping individuals and local churches grow in prayer. It is my life’s work!"

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How did Threshold start?

Threshold Prayer started accidentally. For the last two decades, Paul has worked in megachurches building prayer structures and testing practical, reproducible systems for the local church and praying organizations. Eventually, a book was born to mobilize prayer leaders and inspire prayer ministries with the vision of what prayer could look like in your setting. Threshold: Transformational Prayer; Transformational Prayer Leadership was well received and spawned a Threshold Intensive Conference to help people begin to use the principles I learned the hard way. I believed when I started and still believe that we are on the Threshold of the best days for the church  if I learn to lean on God and pray hard!

Thresholds Purpose

Since the release of Threshold Intensive in 2013,  the Conference has helped hundreds of people learn how to improve their prayer ministry and make their prayer ministry more relevant. 

Our goal is very simple!  We want to see a movement of prayer in our city, state, nation, and around the world.  We will do all that we can to see this become a reality!

The tools we will share here with you come from years of research, practical experience, from some awesome prayer leaders in the US and around the world.   It's not "the" way but it's our way. We have had great success and we are compelled to share this great information with you to help you on your journey.

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Paul has released two books.

52 Creative Ways To Pray and Threshold 

Paul speaks nationally and internationally on college campuses, conferences, retreats, camps, and seminars.

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