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Our Mission & Vision

Threshold Prayer aspires to assist churches, organizations and  businesses to become people devoted to prayer... 

Our Mission & Vision

Meet Paul Covert

Paul's passion is to see people become devoted to prayer, so that God is glorified in the fruit of that prayer. As a Jesus follower and student of the Bible, Paul is constantly learning and practicing the discipline of prayer. In all his ministry roles over three decades, he has learned what works and doesn't work as far as building transformational prayer ministries. Taking what he has acquired by study and practice, and gleaning from prayer leaders around the globe, Paul has authored two books, 

Transformational Prayer, 52 Creative Ways to Pray and is currently writing a third, due out in 2024. Sharing his vast experience and creative practical tools with other pastors and ministry leaders is why he founded Threshold Prayer. 


His life's work is to be obedient to God in sharing, teaching and encouraging pastors, prayer leaders and individuals to pray -- so they, too, can be led to what God has for them, over the Threshold.

"I believed when I started and still believe that we are on the Threshold of the best days for the church if we learn to lean on God and pray hard! "


Who We Are

Threshold Prayer Ministries exists to come alongside pastors, prayer leaders, organizations and businesses desiring to build thriving communities of pray-ers. 

Serving as a pastor, church planter and prayer leader for over three decades, Paul developed time-tested tools that help create thriving prayer ministries. These tools are offered through Threshold's services - Consulting and Teaching and through our Digital Library. 

What is Threshold?

Officially in 2022, Threshold Prayer Ministries (501c3) was created to offer not only Paul's teaching, but a variety of resources, to inspire and mobilize churches, organizations and businesses toward becoming people devoted to prayer. 

Threshold's innovative approaches to prayer ministry have had amazing impact on churches and organizations across the US. 

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